Task — Expand Upwork's new brand vision to the visitor's site, create a flexible design system that also adheres to AAA accessibility standards, and test and expand on new designs post-launch to maximize the rebrand's impact.

Role — Design Lead, Designer.

Recognition — Typewolf SOTD, featured on Bloomberg, Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, and more.

Upwork's site Homepage
Upwork's website hire page mobile
Upwork's website freelance work mobile
Upwork's website talent mobile
Upwork's website css mobile
Upwork up we go mobile

We created a modular system made of hundreds of flexible components tightly sitting on an 8px grid, and matching AAA accessibility standards.


“Despite the aggressive timeline on this high-impact project, Guillaume was able to deliver exceptional results that exceeded our expectations. The end result was a stunning design that had a profound impact on the company.”

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